Beat The Bus 10K Challenge!

The Conemaugh Health System Que Classic Race Commettee is excited to once again offer our “Beat The Bus” 10K Run! Because of unavoidable congestion and potential safety concerns that will take place with 10K Runners finishing as 5K participants are shuttled back to the Summers Best 2 Weeks/Starting Line Area, our 10K will once again be a challenge. Therefore, our 10K will be a run only event and require you to reach a check point station within a specified amount of time. 10K Runners will have 55 minutes to reach the 5 mile check point station, and “Beat The Bus”. If they can’t keep up with the pace, they will be stopped at the check point station and picked up by one of our transportation shuttles.

At 9:40am, local police will stop Que Dam Road traffic and shuttle services will also be discontinued from the boat launch area to Summers Best 2 Weeks. At 9:45 the 10K run will begin (15 minutes before the start of the 5K Run and 5K Walk). 10K runners will race along the exact same course as our 5K. About 50 feet from the 5K Finish Line, runners will turnaround at this half way point and run back to Summers Best 2 Weeks along the exact same course. The “Challenge” of this race is getting to the 5 mile check point station (near Lemons Road) in 55 minutes or less. It’s at the Lemons Road/Que Dam Road intersection that our shuttles will be sharing the same route back with 10K runners to Summers Best 2 Weeks as the shuttles deliver 5K participants back to the starting line area. You must reach this Lemons Road check point station within 55 minutes from the start of the race so that you can safely “Beat the Bus” back to Summers Best 2 Weeks. Any 10K race participants that fail to reach the check point station within the 55 minute time limit will not be allowed to finish the race. Anyone unable to finish the 10K will be shuttled back to Summers Best 2 Weeks as 10K participants cannot be on the race course as our buses deliver 5K participants back to Summers Best 2 Weeks. 10K participants that reach the 5 mile check point station in 55 minutes or less, will be allowed to continue past the check point station as they will be able to safely finish the race before the first bus delivers 5K participants back at Summers Best 2 Weeks.

In order to participant in the 10K Run, it is strongly recommended that you are able to maintain an 11 minute per mile pace. Please keep in mind that the first half of the race is nearly all down hill while the last half will be nearly all up hill.